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Help Syrians Communicate Safely Online

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The SalamaTech Project builds the capacity of Syrian civil society to communicate safely online.

The internet matters in Syria.

man_running-e1385092908894 Syrian citizens rely on the internet to know where the bombs are dropping, which checkpoints to avoid, where food may be found and where their missing children are.

Syrian local humanitarian and community actors need the internet to function. A great many small, local NGOs are able to help people on the ground because they are backed by large, external NGOs. Access to a safe and secure internet is what makes this assistance work.

Syrian civil society sees the internet as a lifeline for political freedom – to ensure that dissenting voices are heard, war crimes are documented, and communities can connect across the bloody divides of sectarian fear and hatred.

But the internet is also a frontline in the war. Syrians are being captured and killed because of their online activities.

Syrians are tortured for their Facebook passwords – as access exposes everyone who is connected to the victim’s online networks. The threat comes not just from the digitally saavy Assad regime. Armed groups, like Jabhat al-Nusra, are also capturing and torturing Syrians to access their online accounts.

The SalamaTech not-for-profit project has helped millions of Syrian citizens to communicate safely and securely online over the past year. We need your help to continue this effort. Support for secure communication and digital safety capacity-building for Syrians is one way to make a real difference to the well-being of people and communities in this brutal civil war. It can also help to ensure that critical voices do not go quiet.


Secure Communication Channels

SalamaTech provides tools to enable Syrian citizens to circumvent censorship and evade surveillance. Secure-user-sessions_june


Digital Safety Guidance, Training & Emergency Response

SalamaTech provides training and step-by-step guidance on digital safety best practices, up-to-date alerts on new malware/spyware and disinformation campaigns (botnets). Our WatchDesk provides emergency digital assistance to Syrians in trouble, from computers seized with malware, through to assistance with disabling the social media presence of arrest victims (in order to protect their wider networks of associates).